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Top definition. Kony Internet fad created by " Invisible Children " in order to generate money and make Twitter users feel better about themselves. Kony is a good example of a circle jerk. Feb 27 Word of the Day. From STEM, an abbreviation short for "Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics", a STEMlord is a pejorative term for a particular kind of person who has studied in these areas at university or works in these fields who holds a pretentious, condescending attitude to anyone who has studied in any other fields, particularly the Arts and Humanities.

They typically believe themselves to be more "intelligent" and "rational", while generally remaining incredibly ignorant outside of their areas of expertise and having the charisma of a rotting pig's backside. KONY Movement that allows anyone using facebook or twitter with half a brain think they are a hardcore activist even though their only source of information is from a Youtube video. One does not simply destabilize an Ugandian warlord by sharing a video. I shared Kony ! I ended war in Uganda!

A campaign by Invisible Children Inc with the intention of making as much money for its founders as possible: otherwise known as a "scam. This year, with the widespread familiarity of their new viral video "Kony ," will bring even MORE profits to the fraud charity's owners.

Gullible teen girl: Stop Kony and support Invisible Children! Kony !!! Me: Go Phony !!!! An annoying documentary on Joesph Kony by Jason Russell who is also the founder of the Invisible Children Organization that went viral in March on every social networking website.

Joesph Kony is a warlord in Uganda who abducts children, forces them to kill their parents and serve his army. Jason Russell and his supporters want to make Kony famous in order to make the US armed forces go to Uganda and arrest him by gaining support from members of US congress and celebrities.

The whole thing is very annoying. What Kony is doing is definitely a crime against humanity, however why should the US armed forces be bugged about this? We have sent troops to Uganda however they are inactive once they get there. Honestly if these people want Kony dead so bad Jason Russell and his supporters should have a fundraisergo to Uganda, by cheap AK and AKM type rifles from a local dealer and hunt him down themselves. You are not fighting a war by bugging others to fight it for you.

Quit bugging the US military for everything they're not a commissioning service. The supporters should also stop bashing anybody who does not care about the situation as it is not mandatory. The activism for a good cause but has terrible demands. Person1:Did you get a kony video on your wall? Person2: Yeah, those idiots think they're helping by liking the video and bashing anybody who does not want to get involved.

Person1: I don't want to live on this planet anymore. A stupid campaign made by the controversial organization, Invisible Childrenurging people to share some 30 minute long video that will somehow make Joseph Konya criminal in Africa, "famous. Kony hasn't even been very active for years now. One of the central figures in the organization, Jason Russell, had a public, drunk, naked melt down two weeks after this.

Apparently it was just too much success. Save the Africans! Person who does research: Good luck with thatidiot. Feb 27 trending   1. Watermelon Sugar   2. Ghetto Spread   3. Girls who eat carrots   4. Durk   6. Momala   7. Dog shot   9. Eee-o eleven UrbDic Rush B Cyka Blyat Pimp Nails Backpedaling Anol Wetter than an otter's pocket TSIF

Joseph Konyborn ? Kony was reared in the village of Odek in northern Uganda. An ethnic Acholihe served as an altar boy during his youth and was fond of dancing. He left school to become a traditional healer. When Yoweri Museveni seized power in Uganda in and became president, some Acholis revolted.

Kony joined another faction and in proclaimed himself a prophet for the Acholi people and took charge of the Holy Spirit Movement, which would eventually become the LRA. In its early years the LRA enjoyed support in northern Uganda, but as its resources diminished, the militia began to plunder the local population.

The movement gained considerable strength in when it received the backing of the government of Sudanwhich sought to retaliate against Kampala for its support of Sudanese rebels. Kony, armed with prophecies that he said he received from spirits who came to him in dreams, ordered the LRA to attack villages, murdering, raping, and mutilating in a campaign of intimidation that displaced some two million people.

Children were abducted and brainwashed into becoming soldiers and slaves. Kony convinced them that holy water made them bulletproof. Children who resisted or tried to escape were beaten to death by their peers. The action brought Kony and the LRA under international scrutiny, and Sudanese support for the rebels was soon withdrawn. This led Kony to make his first peace offering in May his first public appearance in 12 yearsbut negotiations, which began in July in Jubasouthern Sudan now South Sudandragged.

Paradoxically, the ICC warrant proved to complicate the situation, because the prospect of arrest made Kony less likely to come out of hiding. The Ugandan government sought to have the warrant suspended, but such a move was seen as potentially damaging to the integrity of the nascent court. Two years of verbal wrangling led to a peace agreement that was finalized in Aprilbut Kony refused to appear at a series of scheduled meetings to sign the document, demanding that the ICC suspend the warrants for him and other LRA leaders before he would sign the agreement.

Meanwhile, by the end of Kony and the LRA had largely left Uganda and were now based in the neighbouring countries of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Sudan. Kony, however, again failed to attend a scheduled meeting to sign the peace agreement. Although the international efforts to capture Kony and eradicate the LRA were not successful, the years of trying to evade capture appeared to take its toll on the group, weakening it by the s.

Yet even as their numbers were diminished, the group proved it was still a formidable enough force to continue terrorizing civilians, including kidnapping hundreds of adults and children, primarily from the war-torn CAR, in and The video was praised for bringing worldwide attention to the need to capture Kony, but it was also criticized from different quarters for a variety of reasons, including allegations that it misstated facts and misrepresented the current situation in Uganda as well as implying that Kony was a problem that Africans needed Westerners to handle.

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Subscribe Now. Learn More in these related Britannica articles:. Unlike most antistate terrorists, the LRA has been largely devoid of any national vision or unifying social objective, other than speaking in…. Ugandacountry in east-central Africa. About the size of Great Britain, Uganda is populated by dozens of ethnic groups.

The English language and Christianity help unite these diverse peoples, who come together in the cosmopolitan capital of Kampala, a verdant city whose plan includes dozens of small parks and public…. Acholiethnolinguistic group of northern Uganda and South Sudan. Numbering more than one million at the turn of the 21st century, they speak a Western Nilotic language of the Eastern Sudanic branch of the Nilo-Saharan family and are culturally and historically related….

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