Konyv: Aladdin and the Magic Lamp + CD



ISBN: 174333629


Told with a Modern MeToo twist. One day, a stranger walked into the store. The mother was interested. With the wealth he will find there, you and he will be set for life. And so the mother agreed. The old man and the boy traveled for days throughout the desert. At last they came to a cave. They stepped inside the cave. Pitch-black it was.

The old man shook open his fist and a ball of light suddenly appeared, brightening the cave. Under the light with one long finger, he drew the shape of a circle over the ground. He pulled from his pocket some red dust and threw it over the circle, and at the same time said some magic words. The earth trembled a little before them. The floor of the cave cracked open, and the cracks grew wider and deeper. Then up from below the ground rose a giant white quartz crystal and it filled the circle.

He chanted a few magic words and the giant crystal rose up several feet in the air, moved to the side and landed. Aladdin peered into the hole. He saw steps that led down to a dark hole. Go down, and at the foot of the steps, follow a long hall.

You will walk through a garden of fruit trees. You must touch nothing of them. Walk on till you come to a large flat stone and on the stone will be a lighted lamp. Pour out the oil in the lamp and bring it to me. Now go! Aladdin slowly stepped down the stairs. Through the garden of fruit trees and marvelous to behold, the trees held fruits that sparkled and shone.

He could not help but reach out and touch one. Then — too late — he remembered what his uncle had said. But nothing terrible happened. So he figured he might as well put the fine jewel-fruit in his vest pocket. Then he plucked another and another jewel-fruit, till all his pockets were filled. Aladdin came to the large flat stone, and on it was a lighted lamp, just as his uncle had said. He poured out the oil and took it back to the opening of the cave.

For you see, the only way the lamp could come out of the cave was as a gift, from one person to another. The magician knew this, and he wanted to get the lamp from the boy as soon as he could, and then kill him. Aladdin felt a chill in the air. Something was wrong.

Somehow he knew he must not give up that lamp. The magician was furious. He fell into a rage and barked out more magical words. The giant white quartz crystal rose up, hovered over the hole and landed. All went dark below.

Aladdin was trapped! For two days, Aladdin despaired. Who cares about it, anyway? What was I thinking? At once, a huge Genie rose up into the air. Three wishes are yours to command. He mumbled yes, of course! More than anything he wanted to get out of the cave and go home! The very next moment, Aladdin was outside his own home, still holding the lamp and with all his jewel-fruits in his vest pockets. His mother could not believe the tale her son told her.

The Genie rose up out of the lamp, and a feast fit for a king weighed down her kitchen table, on plates of glimmering gold. Mother and son enjoyed a feast like no other. Then the mother washed and sold the gold plates, and bought necessary things to live.

From then on, Aladdin and his mother lived well. With my jewel-fruits, I could marry the princess and become the prince of this land! His mother laughed. They wrapped some of the jewel-fruits in silk cloth, and the mother went to the palace. The guards stopped her at once. But as she insisted she had something very valuable for the Sultan, they let her in. They wrapped some of the jewel-fruits in silk cloth.

She showed him the jewel-fruits. The Sultan was impressed. The Sultan was pleased. The Mother brought back this news, too. So for her third wish, the Mother asked the Genie to create a golden palace. The next morning, the Sultan called for his daughter. Have you ever met him? In her dressing room, the princess groaned. The princess sighed. She looked at her lady-in-waiting.

The two of them stared at each other for a couple of moments. They were about the same height, with the same color hair. With all the scarves maidens like them wore…. And the two of them changed clothes. The Sultan warmly greeted him. Aladdin could not meet the princess until their wedding day.

He caught a glimpse of Nadia from a distance, covered in scarves, thinking she was the true princess. Aladdin, the Sultan, and everyone else in the palace waited with growing excitement for the wedding day. Except for one person. He had recognized Aladdin at once. He knew there could be only one reason the young man could present all this magic to the Sultan. Aladdin must have escaped from the cave, and with the lamp! While Aladdin was sleeping, the Vizier crept in and took it.

And there is something else the Vizier did not know. The Genie thought the Vizier had commanded to be taken away also, along with the palace. So the Genie sent the Vizier, the golden palace, and Nadia inside it, all together to the faraway place in the desert.

The next moment his servants rushed in, announcing that the princess had disappeared. Furious, he called for Aladdin. You must bring her back to me in three days or it will cost you your head! Aladdin thought he would simply use his second wish and the Genie would bring back the princess and the castle too. But his magic lamp was gone - he looked everywhere! Sadly, he rode from town to town but no one knew anything about a palace that had appeared overnight, no to mention one with a princess inside.

You may wonder, where was the true princess all this time? Dressed as a servant girl, she had crept out of the palace the very day she had switched clothes with Nadia. Down to the marketplace she had gone, and there she met an aging merchant. The old merchant told her he was tired from riding so many years from town to town, selling his potions and perfumes. The princess was dressed humbly, yet she still carried herself like royalty.

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Verfügbar in 3 bis 5 Werktagen Derzeit nur online verfügbar. Mehr Ansichten. Text in English. Stage Reader 1 Niveau A1. Produktbeschreibung Bewertungen Herstellerinformationen. Produktbeschreibung Aladdin ist verliebt, doch das scheint aussichtslos. Denn seine geliebte Bulbul ist eine Prinzessin und er nur ein armer Junge. Aber die Wunderlampe des bösen Zauberers ändert alles und hilft Aladdin zu bekommen, was er möchte. Nun, das denkt er zumindest. Denn der böse Zauberer hat ganz andere Pläne.

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